ONLINE Registration Liability/Photo And News Release And Disclaimer Form

Fall Children’s Fishing Classic

Date:  October 5, 2019 @October 5, 2019 @ Lines in the water at first light or later    depending on the discretion of the Captain       
  Location:  Bolding Mill Park, Lake Lanier
Tournament Director: Dana Larbus; 317-910-8566         Co-Director: Woodie Malone

Registration Liability/Photo & News Release & Disclaimer Forms

(Note Both Sections 1. & 2. Below Must Be Completed In Full) 

Please complete a separate form for each participating child /youth; captain; volunteer; parent/guardian/sponsor

 1.  Registration Liability/Photo & News Release 

Any and all individuals attending or participating within Fall Children’s Fishing Classic (“event”) hosted by the North Georgia Crappie Anglers are required to fill out and sign this Registration Liability/Photo & News Release & Disclaimer Form in order to participate in the tournament.  A Registrant, Captain, Volunteer or Participant’s Failure to sign and submit this form prior to the event’s start will prohibit their participation in the event.

*(Please complete all sections below that are applicable)  ALSO after you submit your first electronic signature please CONTINUE down the page and Complete and Submit Section  #2 of these forms.  Thank you

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