Tournament Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Youths 6 to 15 years of age are eligible to register and participate in this tournament. 

Captains may consist of member and non-member adults; however, non-members registering are subject to approval by North Georgia Crappie Anglers.

Although many registrants are accompanied by club members, unaccompanied youths are encouraged to register, and a Captain from the club will be assigned to fish with him/her.

Each Captain is responsible for knowing and for following the Rules & Regulations as outlined in this document.


Each registrant and Captain must complete and submit a separate registration form available at A link to this blog is also available at  The tournament will be limited to the first 100 youths to register, and early registration is encouraged. Registration will begin on March 1, 2019.

In addition, each registrant, Captain, volunteer and participant must sign and submit a completed Liability/Photo & News Release & Disclaimer Form Prior To the event’s start; failure to do so will prohibited the individual from partaking in the event. All forms are found online at


Each team will consist of an adult Captain, who is responsible for the supervision and safety of, no more than two unaccompanied, non-related registrants. If the registrants are related to the Captain, he may take more than two on his team.

A Captain must specify if he will be using his own boat or fishing from a dock. The Captain is responsible for the supervision and safety of each registrant and must provide each child with a state approved Personal Flotation Device (life vest), rod, reel and bait.

Each Captain should have a smart phone available to take pictures of the children and their fish, so that we can provide them with a memory of the event.

Each Captain must have the registrant’s and parent’s/guardian’s name, address, contact number and email in his possession, and shall notify the registrant and parent/guardian of the time, meeting place and details concerning the day of the tournament. 

A registrant who is unaccompanied by an adult will be assigned to a Captain prior to the event.

Accompanied registrants already assigned to a Captain are set to go.


Lines are to be in the water at first light or later depending on the discretion of the Captain.

If a fish is hooked on a non-registrant’s line, he/she may hand the fishing pole to a registrant. If the registrant lands that fish by him/her self, it will qualify to be counted for that registrant in the tournament results.

If a fish is caught by a registrant and another person nets the fish, the fish will qualify as being caught by the registrant.


All members of each team must be present and in-line at the weigh-in no later than 12:00 PM at Bolding Mill Park, 4044 Chestatee Rd., Gainesville, GA, 30506 to qualify for tournament awards.

Captains, please be advised that it may be necessary to have lines out of the water sometime earlier than 12 PM, in order to arrive on time for the weigh-in. Factors such as your location on the lake, docking and traffic must be taken into account.  Late arrivals at weigh-in will unfortunately be disqualified unless the Director deems otherwise.

Fish categories qualifying for awards:

1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards will be given for the largest fish by weight in the following categories:

  • Crappie
  • Catfish
  • Spotted Bass
  • Striper


Following the weigh-in, complimentary food and drink will be provided at the Bolding Mill’s pavilion. An awards ceremony will follow with winners announced in each of the fish categories as described above. 

Additionally, every registrant will receive a certificate of participation, a new fishing rod and reel, and have his/her picture taken with O’Neill Williams, Honorary Tournament Chairman.


All tournament participants—Captains, registrants, passengers, etc., must comply with all state laws regulations as they pertain to fishing and boating on Lake Lanier.  Registrants (ages 6-15) are not required to have a Georgia fishing license, however, all other persons fishing with a registrant must have a current Georgia fishing license. It will be the responsibility of every Captain to ensure that each person in his boat has a state approved Personal Flotation Device (life vest). All passengers on the boat 15 years of age or less must wear the life vest at all times. Captains must ensure registrants also wear state approved Personal Flotation Device (life vest) while fishing on docks or piers.


In the event of adverse weather—lightning, high winds or downpours (light rain excluded), the tournament will be cancelled and rescheduled for the following Saturday, October 12, 2019.  The tournament director will update the Captains concerning adverse weather conditions, and notify them if a decision is made to cancel the event.  Each Captain will then be responsible for immediately contacting his assigned registrants and their parents/guardians.

Should it be necessary to reschedule the tournament, it may not be possible for O’Neill Williams to attend, however, fishing and festivities, including a complimentary meal, awards ceremony and gifts for the registrants will again make this annual Fall Classic a truly memorable event.

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